"Increase Your Sales by 50%+"

Dear Madam/Sir, 

This is my pitch about Lex Duco Systems. Please kindly read it all.

My Parent Company, Lex Duco, is willing to share our Business Management System with non-competitive companies to improve your business

That is the DEAL I am proposing today! 

What is Lex Duco?

Lex Duco is the market leader in luxury house design and build market in Sri Lanka. This market leading position we are enjoying today was not offered to us on a Silver Platter. We had to earn it with hard work and dedication for years with many ups and downs. 

During that struggle, we developed a Business Management Software to overcome the issues we were facing, namely to do 2 things mainly. 

The trickiest 2 issues we faced,..

  1. One - To increase our Sales Volume without burning more money on advertising,
  2. Two - To increase the Productivity of all our Staff instead of recruiting more staff. 

This effort was very successful and this system is the secret behind Lex Duco's Success. With this system, we captured the market leading position within less than 5 years in operation. Just 5 years,...

And today, we are handling 314 projects simultaneously while our competitors handle less than 40 each as pr our knowledge. 

It is a 300% Growth in Sales Volume!

And our secrete is this system but nothing else. 

Now what we are proposing today?

With the expansion and diversification of our company, we are offering this system to other companies with one simple tagline "Increase your sales by 50%+".


It is our tag line and it is our promise with this system!

How is it done?

It is done by solving 5 main problems in Sales Management.  

1. You are too late when you follow up prospects: What if you are never too late?

Generally sales staff tend to keep notes about their clients in notebooks or excel sheets. But how many of them attend to the notes "Right on Time"? Only a handful I suppose. 

Yet a prospective client expects a call as he was promised, a meeting as he was promised or a document as he was promised and on-time as promised. 

When the sales person forgets it, client disappoints but not impresses. 

The objective of the salesperson is to Impress the client but not disappoint, isn't it?


A salesperson should never be too busy for a customer, yet be organized and find time. 

LDS solves this problem and your sales staff will never be too late to attend for a client. 

The system takes the responsibility and reminds the staff "Right on Time".

2. No Plan No Funnel: What if you have a plan to FUNNEL prospects intelligently towards the closure?

A general problem in sales is that prospects are bombarded with various information by the sales staff with the belief that all that information is required "at this point" to convince a client to buy. 

Even different sales staff in the same company uses different such approaches, which is extremely counterproductive for the company.  

The solution is an integrated Sales Funnel  within LDS, 

A Sales Funnel is a general sales tool but rarely used in practice. 

Say if a prospective client is at the point A, when he first inquires and closure of the sale is point B, then the sales funnel is the well planned steps in between A and B. 

We should take the prospects from A to B intelligently without confusing them with unnecessary sales efforts and that is our task. 

With LDS this process is semi-automated and therefore, all sales staff is well aware of each step and they are educated to follow the steps properly.

- It will make sure that each prospect is approached in the same pre-defined manner. No personal sales belief systems or gimmicks. 

- It will educate the top management of the future potential of each sales person as the system demonstrates the number of prospects at each funnel step for each sales person. 

- It will make sure that the clients will not be confused but will walk from A to B without spending time for unnecessary discussions. 

All those benefits are integrated within LDS.

3. Hard Push for Targets - What if pushing of sales staff towards targets & target + is effortless?

If a salesperson achieves his target, it’s good. But why should the management stop there, when the same person can bring more sales to the company? In this competitive market, why not expect more from such a talented person when the management has a clear opportunity? That is the target + achievement. 

LDS guides management to push the staff towards it without much effort by 

- Pushing them to close the pending sales actions on time. 

- Allowing them to monitor themselves by looking at their own funnels and take actions to improve.

- Funnel monitoring is done daily but not at the end of the month. Thus, staff is pushed by themselves on daily basis.

- Allowing the management to add extra  pressure if required based on funnel  information. 

With LDS, management will not have to listen to excuses and explanations, but the story is clear on a computer screen. 

The "Big Talkers" will actually have to become "Big Doers" with LDS.

4. Unorganized Problem - What if sales staff is well organized and thereby achieve their goals?

Sales staff is reluctant to keep notes. Sometimes they even lose contact numbers and addresses as well. 

LDS solves it with a well organized sales desktop and the system works like a Personal Assistant who keeps notes and reminds the sales person on time. 

Notes include all contact details, history of actions, pending actions, future actions and everything with regard to a given prospective client.

Being organized is one of the most important secrets of every successful sales person and LDS make sure of it.

5. Monitoring Problem: What if you can monitor all sales actions on a “Big Screen” like a TV?

Big Screen could be the most important element of all above. 


It’s a known fact that salespeople do not like to respond to systems. It’s in their very nature as fast-paced type A personalities.

Yet, they have to respond to this system, why?

Because of the Big Screen!

With the Big Screen, which is fixed in the sales floor, all team players are always under watch. If one is not responding, managers and everyone else see it.

It’s like they are always under Spotlight, On Stage. 

Therefore, they will have to follow this system!


If above problems are solved in your company, wouldn't you achieve a sales growth of more than 50%?

Don't you think it is the best for the future of your company?