LDS Modules & Features

Kanban Workflow Management Module


INCREASE Productivity by 200% 

REPLACE Calls, Texting, Emailing and Save Your Time.


With this module, you will be able to give birth to Kanban Warriors in your company and unleash them to work furiously towards results.

Kanban Warriors could be your General Staff or Project Management Teams and they will all be 200% more productive with this module. 

A Kanban Warrior = An ASSET to your Company

With LDS-Kanban, every team member is assigned with Kanban Tasks and demand results with regard to your day-to-day work or a specific project.
It is a work oriented "Cool" Culture where work efficiency and staff satisfaction is practically doubled. 

You will also be able to fully REPLACE inter-staff phone calls, texting, emailing, photo sharing, file sharing and similar comparatively less effective task assignment and communication methods saving lots of productive staff time, while assigning the workflow to staff much more efficiently with Kanban.   

  1. Allow managers to use a simplified version of Kanban for efficient workflow management and become Kanban Masters,
  2. Assign inter-staff tasks in minutes with reliability to responsible staff members and allow them to become Kanban Warriors,
  3. Allow your Kanban Masters and Warriors to increase the workflow Productivity up to 200%.
  4. Allow your Kanban Masters and Warriors to build a "COOL" High Productive Work Culture where everyone is a Warrior. 
  5. Make your warriors responsible individually or as teams for results,
  6. Assign deadlines & let the system to monitor and  demand results,
  7. Extend deadlines with valid reasoning, yet with no meetings, phone calls, excuses or time wasting,
  8. Allow the system to maintain a comprehensive history of each warrior, customer and project, 
  9. More importantly, allow managers - Kanban Masters to use the Ternary Management Model to simplify complex tasks and fed in to Kanban Workflow Management, and 
  10. Monitor due Workflow on a “Big Screen” like watching a football game that is fitted to your office wall. 

Key Values: Build a very Responsible, Productive and "Cool" work culture, Implement Digital Kanban and Save Time.

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CRM: Customer Relations Module


 INCREASE Your Sales by 50% 

INCREASE Your Customer Service by 100%

With this module, you can keep records, plan actions, set “To Dos”, set "scheduled tasks", set reminders, save files, save photos etc for each of your customers individually. It is designed to make sure that you "Deliver what is Promised" to your customers and prospective customers.  

LDS CRM = 50%+ Increase of your sales

LDS CRM + Kanban = 100%+ Increase of Your Customer Service


  1. Increase your Sales significantly and that is why we need a CRM.
  2. Get your Sales staff to follow up with your prospects before they buy from your competitors,
  3. Funnel you prospective customers intelligently towards the closure of the sale, 
  4. Push your Sales staff to achieve targets and target + without extra effort to you.
  5. Get your Customer Service staff to keep in touch with customers before they complain,
  6. Guide your Customer Service staff to close issues in hours rather than in days, 
  7. Assist your Sales and Customer Service staff to be well organized and thereby to achieve their goals,
  8. Monitor all Sales and Customer Service actions on a “Big Screen” like watching a football game that is fitted in to your office wall.

CRM Features

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Sales Chat - Pending Deployment
  • Mobile CRM and Mobile Kanban
  • Sales Potentials of Individuals
  • Sales Funnel and Pipeline  - Custom and Editable 
  • Staff Vs Pipeline Vs Staff Comparisons
  • Reminders and Overdue Reminders
  • Tasks, To Dos, History and Journal Entries
  • Appointments and Calendar 
  • Scheduling To Dos and Tasks
  • Kanban Project Management for Individual Customers
  • CRM + Kanban Integration
  • After Sales and Customer Service Management
  • 20+ CRM Custom Fields
  • Leads Categorization
  • 8 User Roles and Custom Permissions
  • Team Leader - Player - Head of Dept Positioning
  •  Data Import and Export (CSV) 

Under Development

  • Staff Payroll Processing
  • HR Profile Management 
  • Staff Key Performance Indicators
  • Pay Slip Preparation
  • Office Petty Management

Key Values: Attend to Your Customers "On-Time" and "Deliver as Promised". 

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Build a 200% more Productive "Kanban" Workplace!

Two Key Performance Indicators

 Still under development.

 Within the workflow management module, it includes two Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help the management to take promotion/demotion decisions about staff without getting personal. 

With this feature, you may set a promotion/demotion company policy based on a certain level of KPIs rather than how many years s/he has been working in the same position. 

This feature is linked to the Employee Profile Management Module. 


Office Chat Module

 Still under development. 

This module allows system users to chat individually or in groups/teams. 

Ideal to enhance team work agility as everyone know what going on with the others.

A simple yet a very powerful tool, specially for Kanban teams and CRM Teams. It could virtually eliminate daily stand-ups (meetings) in many cases if you want to.

Employee Profile Management Module

Keep key employee information well organized including photos, identities, salary details, incentive details, staff loan details and so on,

Transfer employee related data to a cloud based SIMPLE system,

Allocate staff to departments and position as defined by the company management. This feature allows you to manage vacancies as well. 

Allow staff to maintain their profiles up to date like a LinkedIn Profile but with abuse protection. 

Scheduled Tasks Module

 This module reminds certain routine and periodic activities such as generator maintenance, network security checks, monthly meetings, weekly reports etc.


Especially, this module is built to program such activities with the relevant file formats stored in the system so that you will never miss a report or its format.  

When you program hundreds of periodic activities for your company and staff, you Save Hundreds of Productive Minutes of your staff. 

This is known as Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks (DWM).

So What is the LDS Platform?

The LDS Platform is a cloud-based software that dramatically improves staff PRODUCTIVITY of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It stabilizes the business from sudden ups and downs by solving many of the mismanagement issues that are usually evident in such SMEs with the built in features.

It also saves hundreds of minutes of productive time at a very low cost to the company.

The beauty of the LDS Platform is that it could be easily developed or expanded to meet even complex needs of any organization and thereby reducing the software development time and cost.  

Businesses tend to purchase consultancy packages to increase their productivity, which is of cause a good thing. However, it is not always successful since the expert leaves after the productivity training.  

Instead, the LDS stays within the organization forever making it a much better alternative to a hired consultant as well as a much wiser investment.

The LDS and similar Productivity Platforms are inevitably THE FUTURE of SMEs as the technology develops and we could proudly say that we are simply doing it well ahead of the time!

They are many softwares that target SMEs with bug brands as well, but only few that targets the PRODUCTIVITY like we do. 

Is it an expensive software?

Absolutely NOT. 

We have a very flexible price plan where you will pay ONLY for hosting depending on the storage that you require. 

In case if you would like us to develop additional modules for you, they will be costed at very reasonable prices for you. 

These additional developments could be very small jobs or developing a fully functioning ERP. Big or small, our software development team is at your disposal. 

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Is this a complex software?

Absolutely NOT.  

The LDS Platform is as simple as sending and receiving emails. It is purposely designed to be simple due to the target users of the system; the staff members who are not expected to be IT experts. 

Thus, consider LDS as easy as using Gmail or Yahoo Mail. We can assure, it is no more complicated than that.

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