How it works?

LDS is a cloud-based software that helps small & medium businesses to increase their productivity by 50% or more. It is a proven system to deliver results by avoiding mismanagement issues that are usually occurring in small & medium businesses due to lack of professional sales management and general management practices. 

We believe LDS is THE FUTURE of small & medium businesses as, with this system, they will be

- Very resourceful,

- Well-versed in sales management and general management practices,

- Operating sales in a high octane sales culture,

- Increasing sales with no extra effort,

- Managing staff efficiently,

- Monitoring their performance efficiently.

Key features of the LDS

LDS increases sales by,

  • Getting sales staff to follow up prospective customers before it's too late,
  • Funneling customers intelligently towards the sales closure,
  • Effortless pushing of sales staff to achieve targets,
  • Assisting sales staff to be well organized and thereby to achieve their goals,
  • Monitoring all sales actions on a "Big Screen" like watching a football game.
  • Monitoring sales staff closely to see "what they do" or "who is messing around" without any extra effort,
  • Keeping records of all prospective customers and track them as and when required,
  • Building a high octane sales culture to benefit the company in long run,
  • Training and evaluating the skills of sales staff without any extra cost or effort,
  • Assigning tasks to sales staff and getting the tasks done without any extra effort.

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In the current market, there are no enough affordable systems that assist businesses to successfully stabilize and grow, especially sales management and general management systems. Some small & medium businesses tend to purchase consultancy packages to increase their productivity, which of cause is a good idea. In such consultancy sessions, an industry expert visits the company, advises and then leaves. 

However, this does not always generate happy outcome as the staff and managers revert to old malpractices after couple of weeks of those sessions and the expert is not there anymore to correct them. Yet, the LDS never leaves the company, which is the secret of its success. It continuously keeps guiding the staff and managers to stick with the best practices.

Why LDS is attractive to companies?

If a company currently generates a monthly revenue of $20,000, with the LDS, the same team could bring in a sales revenue of $30,000.

That is why small & medium size companies shall team up with LDS. It simply assists them to directly increase sales. It's not just a sales management software or a CRM, but much more than that including a strong sales culture and a mechanism to push sales teams to sell more. That is why most small & medium business owners are interested in it.

It also comes with a 'High Octane Sales Culture' training program in order to achieve the goals of our clients. LDS has employed 'Change Managers' to provide this support to our clients. You also will be an active part of that process after you get trained.

What is your next action?

Opportunities do NOT wait for you. You may have already passed many without even knowing that they were the best opportunities you ever had. 

Do NOT let this opportunity to pass-by, but Seize it now!

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"I know, I will never get another opportunity like this"

Sam Kumar, LDS Franchisee, Melbourne, Australia


"Something great happened in my life recently,.. LDS happened"

Lalendra Gunawardane, Change Manager of LDS