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What is Kanban?

Kanban Methodology was originally invented by TOYOTA for “Just-In-Time Manufacturing” for their vehicle manufacturing processes in order to be more productive in the production line. 

It was later populated among other industries including software development. LDS had implemented a further developed digital version of Kanban in order to increase the productivity of practically any workplace. 

A digital version like LDS-Kanban could practically increase your personal productivity by 200% and hence that of your company. 

Kanban Warriors and Thriving in Your Organization

"Kanban Warrior" is a term that we use for well educated and efficient Kanban Practitioners, who complete tasks efficiently with a thorough understanding of Kanban Workflow/Project Management Methodology.

A talented Kanban Warrior would easily be promoted to a Kanban Master in any company as what the management want is talented people to lead their companies. 

"Kanban Master" is a term that we use for very efficient and learned Kanban Workflow/Project Managers or team leaders. They are the ones who break down larger tasks in to small size Kanban Tasks based on "Ternary management Model" and assign them to their team members. They approve deadline or set them, they set priorities and their personal skill level could make a Kanban workflow even 300% more efficient. 

We also use the term Kanban Grand Master to indicate the seniority of a Kanban Master as well.