Build a 200% More Productive "Kanban" Workplace!

With KANBAN Workflow Management for Your Office.


How to Make Your Office 200% Productive with Kanban + CRM?

Step 1: Open a FREE account for your company with us.

Step 2: Add one or more of your staff members to LDS Kanban and CRM.

Step 3: Allow us to train your staff towards 200% Productive Kanban Workflow Management.

- Easy and effortless email training carried out by us for your staff at no cost to you.

Step 4: Enjoy a "High Productive" & "Cool" workplace.

 - Practicing Electronic Kanban is "Cool", Sophisticated and Highly Productive. 

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What is LDS?

It is an Enhanced Electronic Kanban Module


It is for 200% More Productive Workflow Management


It is a 50% More Productive CRM for Sales


It is to Double Staff Productivity


It is for Project Management


It is for Customer Service


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Few of Our Clients


About Us

If you run a small - medium business, you are already aware of the importance of a CRM to increase your sales.

Specially, if it is designed keeping general work attitudes in mind with only one objective “Cut your bull** and close your sales!”, I’m sure you will be interested in it.

CRM integrated within LDS (Lex Duco Systems) is just it. It combines CRM feature with Sales for the above single objective.

We did not just stop there, we integrated a Workflow Management Module (WFM) as well in order to deliver your Customers with “What You Promised” during the sales pitch.

Why? In order to Make Your Customers Happy.

 Kanban WFM provides you with a great project and/or workflow management tool known as ”Kanban”.
One may see Kanban as just assigning Tasks to others. But it is much much more than that.

Kanban within LDS is designed to implement "Agile Project Management" in your organization that uses a modified and digitized version of traditional "Kanban Methodology", which was invented by Toyota for "Just-In-Time Manufacturing".
Now, thanks to Toyota and ICT, we can use it for almost every industry, project or workflow management. And that is what we do with Kanban in LDS.

When you register your clients in Customer Relations Module(CRM), you can use this module to manage their workflow or projects like many well established big companies do with Agile and Kanban Methodologies implemented within their own ERPs.

LDS comes to you at totally FREE or at a small cost. 

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"I know, I will never get another opportunity like this"

Sam Kumar, LDS Partner, Melbourne, Australia


"Something great happened in my life recently,.. LDS happened"

Lalendra Gunawardane,  LDS Partner, Qatar.