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What is LDS?

Lex Duco Systems (LDS) is a cloud-based software that dramatically IMPROVES the Sales and Staff Productivity of small to medium businesses and stabilizes the business from sudden ups and downs. It solves many of the mismanagement issues that are usually evident in such SMEs.

LDS is a fully owned subsidiary of Lex Duco, the largest luxury house design & build company in Sri Lanka. The System  was originally developed in Lex Duco labs as a software solution to;

  1. Increase the Sales Volume without investing more on advertising and lead generation.
  2. Increase the Productivity of Staff and cut down unnecessary staff related costs,
  3. Stabilize the mother company, where the staff follows proper systems and standards. It also came with the ability to train new staff easily, promote performers and work in a productive and very stable work culture. 

As a result, the mother company is now at the top of her game with 314 on-going design and build projects in hand (Aug, 2018). The company achieved the  said market leading position in less than 5 years with this system.

Since early 2018, LDS is out for other companies to beat their competition and grow faster than ever before.

LDS and similar systems are inevitably THE FUTURE of small-medium businesses as the technology develops. And we are simply doing it well ahead of the time!!!

Businesses tend to purchase consultancy packages to increase their productivity, which is of cause a good thing. But, it's not always successful as the expert leaves after the productivity training. 

Yet, with LDS, the expert stays and she never leaves the company, which is why it is very successful. 

Is this a complex software?

Absolutely NOT. We believe that you can easily use emails. 

LDS is as simple as sending and receiving emails. It is purposely designed to be simple due to the target users of the system. They are just  businessmen and staff but not software gurus. 

Thus, consider LDS as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. It's no more complicated than that. 

How it works?

"I know, I will never get another opportunity like this"

Sam Kumar, LDS Franchisee, Melbourne, Australia


"Something great happened in my life recently,.. LDS happened"

Lalendra Gunawardane, Change Manager of LDS